The island 'no electricity, no water,' the happiest world

These snapshots Santa Cruz del Islote sometimes makes you believe that noiday was "paradise" on earth, but in reality that's not all when latat this island always in a state with no running water and electricity .

Santa Cruz del Islote just Cartagena, Colombia 2 hours by boat and is home to 1200 residents, including 80 children. The population density of Santa Cruz del Islote four times larger than Manhattan - something that perhaps those who find this island more than 150 years ago was not intended.

Santa Cruz del Islote is the most crowded island world

Discovered by a group of fishermen crossing the Caribbean, Santa Cruz del Islote wide only about 0.012 km2. Although there is no running water, no doctor, no cemetery and only 5 hours of electricity each day, where crime rates are low.

If a resident dies, they will be buried in another island nearby. Many local people have to earn a living through tourism services. But it is surprising to know that it has 90 houses, 2 stores, 1 restaurant and 1 school.

Mr. Juvenal Julio, 66, are the descendants of those who find Islote. He shared that "Life here peaceful and interesting. We did not violence, nor to police. Everyone knew each other and we always enjoy each day. It was indeed a wonderful life! "