Paid beaches for tourists if it rains

The beach of Jesolo, Italy will refund for visitors is Sun if it rained in about 11 h-17 h.

According to the Tourism Council represent the town of Jesolo (North of Venice, Italy), the tourists, who lost a euro to chair rental is located, will be reimbursed the full amount if it rains during the period from 11 h to 17 h and precipitation is greater than 3 mm.

La Nuova Venezia newspaper quoted representative, this agreement applies to all visitors have the summer vacation in Jesolo. Two beaches in the town of Jesolo, North of Venice, Italy, are now in the difficult times of the tourist season. How far is not Venice, Jesolo's top tourist spots of Italy, attracting more than 20 million passengers per year. Thus, the authorities in the town are trying to please guests in the beginning of the tourist season in Europe.

However, according to The Local weather is pretty bad in Jesolo, in June, when a tornado ripped into the beach earlier this month. Heavy rain causes the amount of visitors reduced to 18%, prompting Jesolo experiencing "the worst June in the last 20 years".

Jesolo's beach is known in Italy, home to the eponymous team participated in the National Championships, which aired throughout the country when the local authorities fined a $ 1,195 traveler due to fake Louis Vuitton bag buying on the black market.