Lake Hamilton - natural paradise on earth

The world still exists the great lake created by Mother Nature and Lake Hamilton is one of them.Do you think the pool, spa and spa bath was invented by humans? If your answer is "yes", sorry you did wrong.

Hamilton, one of the most beautiful natural pool in the world with lush vegetation surrounding and rich flora and fauna. It is also home to many species of plants and rare animals.

Lake Hamilton was formed thousands of years ago when large tracts of land collapsed into the river due to erosion.

Lake Hamilton is one of the tourist destinations most interesting and famous are slowly than through the images being shared on the Internet. However, if conditions permit, you should visit Lake Hamilton to really get immersed in the wonderful scenery here.

Lake Hamilton is located in the US state of Texas, a city about 37 kilometers Austin. Since 1960, Lake Hamilton has become a favorite destination in the summer for residents and visitors to the city.

Water lake green water, surrounded by cliffs and large stalactites hanging from the edge of the cliff. Nearby is the 15-meter high waterfall. In addition, the dome-shaped stone structure is formed above the lake accidentally created shade for guests to relax and enjoy the space before and after swimming.

However, those who are responsible for preserving the wonderful places have expressed concern of visits growing can affect the natural scenery of Lake Hamilton.