Admire the river brings strange beautiful emerald green as 'fairyland'

With exotic turquoise blue, the river is smooth as silk crosses the valley, which flows through western Slovenia and northeastern Italy.

Soca river is one of the world's wonders, is like the jewel in the greatness by bringing water color turquoise. With a length of 140 km, the river flows through the limestone mountain range in northwestern Alps then flow directly into the Adriatic sea. Do flowing through the territory of the two countries, in Slonenia, called Soca river, while in the territory of Italy, the river is known under the name Isonzo.

Colour turquoise water of Soca remain almost unchanged throughout the flow. As the cry, can the minerals in the limestone sediments created this strange blue. Many people believe that the most beautiful Soca while winding through the majestic Rocky ravines and dangerous. It is also the inspiration for many photographers and composing interesting destination for tourists love adventure. The area around the river, many travel services catering to the adventure sports blossom as kayaking, hiking, rafting, paragliding, fishing for salmon.
Today, the number of visitors to the chocolate on the increase. Concerned about the river landscape may seem wild to lose capital, government Slovenia encourages visitors to protect the environment and put more trash in places.