Seven best day in Belize

Belize is the only country in Central America to speak English. Local residents here are very cheerful, friendly, and lovable. Nearly half of the country is protected by the Belize rain forest, which is also protected areas for wild jaguar first in the world.

Offshore Belize is the largest coral reef in the northern hemisphere, teeming marine life and dotted with dozens of small tropical island is ideal for kayaking and diving. Belize underground river is a wonder to explore underground caves system, the largest on Earth.

There are also dozens of archaeological sites, including Caracol Maya, is ranked among the largest cities of ancient civilizations. Let great experience in belize 7 days.

First and second day

As to the international airport in Belize City, make up taxi to Chaa Creek, pioneering ecolodge of Belize, is situated on 300 hectares of rainforest outside of San Ignacio.
The first day, you experience the feeling of walking on a trail or canoe on the Macal River, feel the tropical natural space here. There is an attraction you can not fail to visit the ancient city of the Maya .Hoang kiss down, you can pull up a stool at the bar outdoors Chaa Creek, Belize enjoy the night air.

The third day

Hummingbird Highway winding down of the southern route is the most beautiful street in the country. Hummingbird is surrounded by lush green mountains and citrus garden that extends into the caves Jungle Lodge.

You can join the adventure tour caving Actun Tunichil Muknal groundwater. Armed with a map explorer, along with an expert guide, wearing a headlamp, you can float long adventure experience seven miles underground. Inside the cave there are many stalagmites and stalactites give way to strange bursts of sunlight through the various caves and hidden lakes covered in lush vegetation.

Wednesday to Friday

On Wednesday, you go south to Placencia-my village, favorite outposts throughout the country. It's easy to be stuck here. You'll feel the day went by more slowly.
But Placencia was one of dive-experience of the world's largest annual assembly of whale sharks (at an average of 20 tons, it is the largest fish in the sea) during the full moon of May and June.

At Splash Dive Center and Dive Shop Seahorse is the world of hundreds of whale sharks. You will be gapnhung giants in their natural habitat at Gladden Spit and Silk we Cayes Marine Reserve.


On Saturday, you visit The Sanctuary Belize Zoo. The Belize Zoo is home to about 50 species, all originating in Belize, including jaguars and Ocelots. Reserve this small world acclaim for innovative educational model and biological conservation.