Admire the park Zion - American giant oasis

With an abundance of natural beauty tourists not only admire the spectacular scenery but also can participate in many activities such as climbing, hiking.

Mojave desert meets the Colorado Plateau and Basin giant, travelers tour the US will find hanging gardens - wildflowers, mosses growing under the slag and along the escarpment - and weed grows on limestone gorges, which are characteristic reminiscent of Zion. The richness of the park does not stop at the natural beauty that visitors can join a lot of activities like hiking, climbing canoeing, hiking.

The outdoor activities undoubtedly indispensable walks along a lot of road in the park Zion. To fully experience the beauty of nature, you can prepare for camping map at 1 in 37 points in Zion National Park. The park also has plenty of alpine style climbing or biking trail.

If you reach the park from the east, take the highway to enjoy Zion-Mt. Carmel. Access to the port connection on the 12-mile south of the tunnel cross-Mt Zion. Carmel. If visiting the western park, choose sugar from Kolob Canyons Kolob Canyons Visitor Center to Kolob Canyon Viewpoint Watching wide viewing angle toward the red cliffs.

Icon features of the park: Zion Canyon stretches 15 miles in the heart of the park, this is the most visited place in Zion. Canyon by river from the Navajo Sandstone Virgin (a geological formation in narrow valleys) contribute to formation, Zion Canyon is the starting point for a lot of road to walk leads to everywhere.
In the park there are many natural arches, is probably the most beautiful Arch Crawford (visible from Zion Museum) and Kolob Arch. All are made from wind and water erosion and natural springs are contributing slowly reshape rocks in the park.

With a height difference of 5000 feet (1500m) and stretches 148,000 acres (60.000hecta), Zion with weather and abundant habitat. Over 1,000 species of plants and hundreds of animal species particularly present in the park. Mule deer, mountain lions, bighorn sheep are big animals are everywhere. The native birds including Peregrine falcon, Mexican spotted owls and vultures fly freely California. If more attention, you will see that both snails Zion nowhere in the world has.
Zion National Park has walkways offer for all guests as the walkway along the river or cliff paths. From Zion Lodge start on Lower Emerald Pool trail to start and then more challenging when starting to walk along the water. Connect to Kayenta and Upper Emerald Pool trail to higher with majestic views over the canyon toward Zion.

If you want to add emotional adventure, go experience Narrows, canyon trails follow the river at the foot of the 16-mile Virgin. Travelers should also specific plans and take advice from the staff of the park before the start of the journey by the most of the time you'll be wading and even swim under the Virgin line.

No trip that lacks the supply of Angels Landing Road. The most famous turn in the park, 2.4 miles (3.8km) road is not for the weak-hearted. Guests will be along the extremely narrow trail, clinging to the chain being built into the cliff. After relentless efforts, the greatest reward that is extremely unique perspective on Zion Canyon.