Kathmandu - attractive tourist destination of Nepal

If given the opportunity to Nepal peaceful country, tourists should not skip a tour the beautiful city and ancient Kathmandu, the center of economy, politics and society of Nepal.

With poetic landscapes blessed by the community with modern infrastructure, Kathmandu is a very good place to stay of tourists in Nepal.

Kathmandu is the crossroads between the two religions Hinduism and Buddhism, this has contributed to the cultural identity of Nepal. The most striking feature that visitors can see in the city of Kathmandu is the only building pagodas, temples and stupas. In numerous temples, stupas that tourists can visit in Kathmandu, the more famous works is Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Swayambhunath and Basantapur.

All buildings pagodas, temples, stupas and magnificent palaces thousands of years old that are built largely from wood with carved motifs deft, delicate and sophisticated .

Besides, tourists can visit some interesting places of the city of Kathmandu as the magnificent auditorium in the main building of the palace Narayanhiti Museum, the garden of dreams serene and beautiful .

Quiet setting with many trees here will make guests feel comfortable and pleasant.

Guests can admire the ancient beauty of Durbar Square - the heart of Kathmandu, was recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. The square has around 1000 AD.

Not only is the city a colorful culture and history, Kathmandu is also a great place for tourists to shop for souvenirs for relatives. Products such as clothing, carpets, hand-woven fabrics of high quality with all kinds of patterns and rich colors ... sold at market Indra or Durbar Square. The beauty here is how persistent solicitation of sellers Nepal. When a guy selling souvenirs invitation to purchase, the tourists hardly from choi.Tuy course, not clinging rough style that is ... art, the seller invited to enjoy fun buy items such as is ... luck.

Also, Nepal is also known for the taste of coffee is different from the type of coffee in the world, so make sure those coffee connoisseurs will have more interesting experiences to Kathmandu.

Country Nepal friendly and hospitable welcoming tourists to visit.