The European tourist destination ideal (Part 2)

The ancient city of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov city from the 18th century until now there was little change. Český Krumlov Many travelers choose the accommodation because here just to enjoy the architecture and culture, again drop into the beautiful nature as well as be able to participate in sports activities such as canoeing along the River Vltava Kajak.

In winter, guests can visit the cultural heritage sites of UNESCO's world on the path along the winding cobblestone leaf.

Winter in the city was started by Christmas trees springing up all over the city, followed by the traditional cultural events such as concerts, dancing, Christmas fair takes place in the historical city celebration the birth of Christ.

Best feature is in Český Krumlov castle is situated on mountain majestic beside the Vltava river, is home Wittigo built between the 13th century After several changes of owners, the second largest castle of the Czech Republic (just behind the castle in Prague) fully renovated and welcomes guests from all over the world to visit.

Annecy, France

Annecy is a beautiful city located south east of France. Originally formed in 50 BC by the Romans, Annecy is an important gateway for linking the regions of France, Italy and Switzerland. Today, Annecy became the cultural center and popular tourist region.

With canals flowing around, envelops the city, Annecy Europeans known as the Venice of France. Among the city was named Venice, the Annecy similar to the original as possible.

Annecy is surrounded by the mountain side, a side of the lake. Lake Annecy is known for pure water lines formed 18,000 years ago from glacial melt water. This is a large lake with 800m to 3.2 km width, length 14 km, an area of ​​27km² and an average depth of 41m (deepest measured 80m). Lake Annecy is not only a favorite destination of tourists with boat hire services around the clock, but it is also a familiar address of the lovers of water sports.

Christmas in the beautiful town of Annece will make visitors feel lost in fairy tales. Winter, visitors to Annecy can enjoy concerts, welcome atmosphere and bustling Christmas visit Christmas fairs, participating skating and playing local toy train. Additionally, visitors can explore the island Palais, St Maurice Church and Annecy Castle. Nearby, the ski-resort Annecy LeSemnoz offers a lot of activities related to snow.

Rättvik, Sweden

Rattvik located on the shores of Lake Siljan in the central province of Dalarna and tourists can travel around the lake, visit the lovely village, lovely nearby.

This area is famous for horse made of wood and painted red, lace handmade, traditional Swedish clothing and other Scandinavian handicrafts. Located on either side of the narrow street is the old-style wooden houses and a variety of interesting shops. At Christmas time, you can reside in one of the wooden buildings here and enjoy the Christmas gingerbread, cozy fireplace and participate in recreational activities such as dance and traditional dance school folklore of the locals.