The beauty of the 5 most prosperous countries in the world

Ranking the world's prosperity index in 2015 is one of the criteria to help travelers choose destinations.

1. Norway: Scandinavian Country this again for the top spot in 7 consecutive years. It is also the only country in the top 10 of all sub-indices.

2. Switzerland
: National with magnificent Alps heads of government index and the economy are appreciated 2nd world

3. Denmark: With great government, leading educational system and social indicators - economic, Denmark has to No. 3, up one rank compared to 2014. If not for the index y relatively low international (16th), the country may have topped.

4. New Zealand: The New Zealand society of the world's highest and this is not the most prosperous countries of Europe. New Zealand attracts visitors thanks to the pristine natural beauty, grandeur

5. Sweden: The country has only chance of starting a business and the world's highest. The beautiful city and scenery as in fairy makes Sweden a place is to visit once in a lifetime.