4 that should not be missed when traveling to Seoul

Seoul is renowned as one of the beautiful city combines traditional elements and modern but also any traveler who wants to be arriving. Vietnam Travel Together discover interesting things not to be missed when traveling to Seoul.

1. Wine Tasting traditional Korean rice

Makgeolli is a Korean traditional wine, made from rice and other grains. This wine has an alcohol content of 5-7% only slightly, so Makgeolli are considered soft drinks are more preferred. The characteristic of this wine is a balance between sweet, sour and bitter.

Rice wine is not only Koreans prefer that tourists coming here đểu Seoul should definitely try this beverage. Although rice wine smells quite uncomfortable but once you try it you will get it instantly appealing.

Chin Chin is one of the premium makgeolli bar of Seoul first, and still one of the best places in the mixture. Horangi ('Tiger') is a trademark particularly delicious, although quite expensive for 25,000 won per bottle, but will give you the experience extremely enjoyable.

2. Visit the art museum of chicken

Whether tourists can not ignore Seoul Museum of Chicken Art - one of the unique art museums of Korea. This museum is very much on display paintings, handmade embroidery on chickens worldwide. Here's attractions are quite large enough to attract tourists to come here.

3. Visit the largest amusement park world

Lotte World is one of the largest indoor amusement park in the world. The park has two main projects amusement park Magic Island (outdoor) and Adventure (indoor). 1995 Lotte World Guinness Record theme park is the largest in the world. At that time the world did not have an indoor amusement park is reached by stature. Guests traveling to Seoul to visit this place will be overwhelmed by the investment, as well as decorative monumental experience the exciting moment of the service here.

Lotte World is one of the amusement parks in the world's largest home

4. Visit the royal palaces

If tourists travel to Seoul once can not ignore incidents Gyeongbok Palace. Gyeongbok Palace was built in 1395 by King Taejo - the first king is also the founder of the Joseon Dynasty and the architect Jeong Dojeon chair. Tourists visit here will admire the ancient beauty and oriental architecture: Architectural scale huge, majestic atmosphere is designed to reinforce the domination, the imperial majesty . Symmetrical layout of the entire master spindle through the north - south causing the feeling of overlap architecture class message same message. Ground works rectangle. The roof structure in a "husband of matches" connecting two overlapping roof.