Where people can not live without peppers

Seasoning peppers become the most important meal of the Guizhou, and evaluation criteria is a good food, attractive.

People in Guizhou, China considers important dish is chili in daily meals, including breakfast. Dried chilli, fish sauce, fermented, stir fry and feed. Unlike your "numbing spicy" from Sichuan, people in remote areas is fond of you, "tart".

Chili dish is indispensable in the diet of people in Quy Chau.

The food from the world famous Sichuan on heat level, even reaching out to major cities such as London or Los Angeles. However, few people know that Sichuan people are not afraid of spicy food, while people Guizhou "just afraid of spicy food is not enough." Phoebe Yin, a Sichuan native now living in Guizhou, said: "I think people eat spicy Sichuan in the world, but to Guizhou I knew this was not true. At least we do not eat chili every as their day. "

The most famous dish is the fish hot pot in Guizhou tart. People fishing in the canal around the mountain, then stewed with tomatoes, pickled peppers, fresh peppers, cabbage, add the spices and certain to eat when the pot of boiling water to push the spicy heat up highest level.

Stinging fish hot pot - a popular dish

Spicy dishes go into any everyday people, which can not fail to mention the dishes "spicy tofu". Rectangular pieces sliced beans, stuffed inside workers is a mixture of fresh peppers, dried chilies, onions, leaf lettuce and garlic. It's spicy diners to the point that if not used, they can hardly bite to pieces Monday. However, the followers of tofu and spicy like for this dish was the most attractive thanks to strong flavors and very tasty.

With the guests want to challenge your ability to eat spicy, the Guizhou is a great destination. Guests experience in addition to burning tongue spicy food can also stroll around the market area of the locals, looking to buy only the specialties here. One of them is zhu'ergen, people often added to increase your dishes. It is often grown alongside rice paddies and people said it was good for the lungs. Zhu'ergen Guizhou people think the main reason is to help them escape the SARS epidemic in 2003.