The note when sleeping in airports

Find a small corner in the waiting room

Finding a place to sit back in the airport waiting room is not easy, especially in the crowded airport.Therefore, please follow the screen continuously to see the message up and down the plane and you will know the flights departure coming in the gate. There, wait until the passengers on the plane and you will find a suitable location to rest.

Consider the airport's waiting room

Often waiting room for guests to the aircraft will be more comfortable waiting room for aircraft.Because the passengers when flight tend to leave the airport immediately left the waiting guests boarding in the waiting room for a long time. The catch is that this will help you choose a more comfortable resting place.

Wary of valuable belongings

When sleeping, you will not be warned. So, please keep these important items such as passports, wallets, cell phone ... at his side. If possible, please put them into the bag to coat stolen. The bulky belongings should be locked tightly together and to the foot.

Body warmer

At the airport can make the temperatures become quite cold at night. To prevent a cold, you bring your sleeping bags. If no, use towels and coats to up up.

Bring along some map used to kill time

Smart devices are very useful in this case. Please prepare your tablet, phones, books, novels ... and don't forget to charge your electronic devices.

Massage and relaxation

A few airports have service foot massage and you can take advantage of this to snooze. The most typical is at Hong Kong International Airport, at a price of about 1.6 million for a massage.

Eat drink

Food services are usually quite expensive in money at the airport and the amount of food is also limited. Because you will be difficult to resist the hunger and thirst while waiting for his flight, please take with you the food less expensive in the baggage area as bottled water or pastries to use when needed.

Set the alarm

The feeling of being late only because the flight asleep will definitely make you uncomfortable. So, don't forget to set the alarm before bed.

Personal hygiene items

Please prepare these items as toothbrush, poor brushing, bath towel ... to personal hygiene before boarding. The towel or wet paper quite useful because they can be used to wipe the seats before you lay up.