Hong Kong - attractive destination for devotees like shopping

Go to the shopping paradise of Asia, tourists will get an unforgettable experience in the business center is expensive and affordable shops busy.

Along with Bangkok and Singapore, Hong Kong has always been an attractive destination for those who love to shop.

HongKong - Shopping Paradise

Come to Hong Kong, you can visit the famous shopping venues such as Causeway Bay, Lee Garden, Jardine's Bazaar and Jardine's Crescent, Nathan, Mongkok, The Landmark, Times Square, Harbour City.

Causeway Bay is the most visited tourist attraction in Hong Kong. This is an ideal area for electronics shopping, especially iPods. If you are looking for cheap shopping venues, the Lee Garden's name can not be ignored with the genuine item has expired mode, through incentives season 30-70%. Or you can also visit the shopping Mongkok- famous cheap and bustles after 18h.

Meanwhile, Jardine's Bazaar and Jardine's Crescent is a region visitors come when the need to bring about strange fashion items toxic, cheap. If you are followers of traditional Chinese products, you can visit Nathan Street along Kowloon Peninsula. The handicraft items, pottery, statues are being sold in the street lively.

If you are attracted by the brand name goods, you should definitely visit the modern shopping malls, expensive by Hong Kong with The Landmark, Times Square, Harbour City area ...

Note for shopping devotees

Although this place is considered the shopping paradise, but you still need to have the shopping experience for smart travelers. Do not be afraid to pay the price, always refer specifically listed prices at many stores before making a decision. When buying these kinds of electronics, home appliances, warranty policy is a factor to consider, avoid buying items is warranted only in HongKong. Choose to buy the items listed price and careful with the invitation to buy old furniture polished.

To plan became perfect shopping, you need to have a specific schedule for his trip - timed off season. Hong Kong's harbor is considered the Asian flavor, strong interference where Eastern culture and Western. Thus, the strongest fall season here is the time before Christmas until after the Lunar New Year, which is in May and late July - early August.