The European tourist destination ideal (Part 1)

Rudesheim, Germany

Rüdesheim is a small town situated at the foot of the mountain side of the river Rhein Niederwald with about 11,000 inhabitants. Small but Rüdesheim is one of the famous tourist city in the world. Not only because of the famous delicious wine here, the city wore a very ancient beauty but also because of the scenic beauty of the picturesque Taunus mountains connected with the romantic Rhine river has given region land a rare beauty.

If you visited this place in December, it will have the opportunity to admire the shimmering town lights and Christmas filled the air, spreading Dosselgasse main road of the town - where music will flood on the street.

Along the road are wooden houses medieval with small shops, pubs, restaurants are close together. Visit this town, visitors can admire the famous Tower Adler, castle visits and visiting Broemser Park nearby Rhein-Taunus. All these sites are put on a very seductive beauty in winter. If more time is tourists visit the famous Museum Musikkabinett wide Mechanisches to 400 m2, where the instrument display and valuable materials; or to sites Asbach distillery to see how the wine production of famous brand Asbach Uralt world.

 Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye Island was recently voted the National Geographic magazine as the 4th beautiful islands in the world. The island has been favored by the incredible scenery, pristine wilderness scenery and a tranquil atmosphere. In winter, you can find a quiet space for yourself, enjoy the crisp winter weather, pristine landscapes and cozy fireplace peacefully. View wildlife on the island in winter are perfect conditions for photography enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor activities.

Skye Island was formed 64 million years ago by the work of the volcanic eruption. Fog shrouded island year round, so it is also called "the island of fog". Skye is the 2nd largest island in Scotland after Lewis and Harris Island. The natural world is the wild on the island of Skye, showing characteristic beauty of Scotland. The ideal time to come is from May to Skye in September when the weather becomes stable. At this time, the ecological tour will give visitors many interesting things.

Portree harbor city is considered the center of the island of Skye. With a population of about 2000 people, Portree is the largest city on the island. In Portree has many hotels, shops and tourist information centers therefore, this is the place of departure of the trip sightseeing around the island.

Every year, around 40,000 tourists to the island of Skye and explore walks around the activity attracted many participants. One of the most interesting journey is to the area around Mount Quiraing. Quiraing mountain, you will be looking at the paintings very monumental nature of the island of Skye.

The village of Wengen, Switzerland

The village is located on the gorgeous Swiss Alps will give visitors the feeling extremely peaceful and relaxing, where tourists never caught sight of crowded traffic jam or car exhaust pollution dust, by cars blocked off in this village for hundreds of years. Wengen is a village surrounded by many vehicle trail walk and connect with the mountain by cable car and rail Jungfau. The village overlooks the Lauterbrunnen Valley and many of the restaurants have stunning views across the valley.

In winter, guests will find romantic villages with houses made of wood surrounded by trees, white snowy peaks. The locals are trying to preserve the original features of cultures inherent in this village Switzerland.