Create a profile video Facebook with 7 Second

If you feel your Facebook profile is too static, Facebook is giving you 7 seconds to work with. Facebook is rolling out a number of new features to its mobile apps, including one that just arrived on my iPhone: profile videos.

To make a profile video from Facebook's iOS app, tap the More button in the lower-right corner and then tap your name to open your profile page. Tap your profile picture -- now centered in the updated design -- and then choose either Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo.
Choose the former and you can record a video -- including audio -- that is 7 seconds or shorter. Choose the latter and you'll need to select a video that is 7 seconds or less; Facebook does not let you trim a longer video to fit.

After taking or uploading a video, you can then select a thumbnail from the video as your profile picture. The picture will show up in Facebook's news feed. Only when people visit your profile page will they see your video, which helps people add a some flair to their profiles without making Facebook's newsfeed overly distracting.

Elsewhere in the update is new bio field that lets you add a short, 101-character blurb about yourself and featured photos that let you select the five photos that appear on the mobile version of your profile page. Both of these features are available from your profile page on both mobile and desktop platforms.
Facebook also announced a way to set a temporary profile picture, but it has yet to reach me.
(Via Facebook)